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The weather is getting warmer, and we are all thinking about outdoor activities and planning outings with friends and family. But when we get to the lake, we find a sign saying the beach is closed for swimming due to a harmful algal bloom, or HAB as it is now commonly known. Looking at the g… Read more

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We knelt on one knee; there were well over 200 of us. There was total silence. We knelt for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. It seemed like an eternity. It was uncomfortable. The … Read more

We are living in a time that many of us have not seen in many, many years, if ever. The coronavirus is a very scary thing for all of us. Social distancing is quickly becomi… Read more

To the Editor: In reference to both Will Felegi’s recent letter titled “Webber Policies Benefit Constituents” and Jayson Kohut’s letter titled “Debate Outreach Left Unanswe… Read more

After eight weeks of calling, emailing, and letter writing, I finally received my first response from my assemblyman, Jay Webber. As a Jefferson resident, I live in New Jer… Read more

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Dear Editor: I hope that the Jefferson-Sparta Rotary Club will rethink its plans to host Kelly Miller Circus, given its records of animal abuse and public endangerment (“Th… Read more