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Every year I write a Memorial Day story about my conversations with veterans of past wars I have known. One soldier I have always included in those stories is Thomas Stryker. Read more

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There aren’t many homes decorated with fall art, inflatable turkeys, or even Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin. Residents go right to Christmas decorations because the weather … Read more

This is an insight into war as told to me by veterans I have known: “I served in the Mobile Riverine Force 1969 and 1970. I was a 105 mm/50 gunner on a Monitor gunboat in R… Read more

Dear Dad, It’s been 35 years since I talked to you. Every day, I still do the things you taught me as a boy, from picking up the toilet seat first thing in the morning to h… Read more

The following stories of war were told to me by my father, uncles, and friends who are no longer with us: “I was on a troop ship going to Normandy. It was the worst – bathr… Read more

If you were a kid back in the fifties, sixties, or even seventies, mom’s pocketbook was the go-to place for almost anything. Need a tissue, Chapstick, gum, or Lifesaver? Mo… Read more

It’s been 20 years since my mom passed, and my sister and I still miss her. When we talk about her, we break down in tears – and, most of the time, break into laughter over… Read more

Looking back at your life, you probably met a few characters who stayed with you: a mean boss, crazy girlfriend, or person you would have liked to forget after a one-moment… Read more

My wife announced that before she died, she wanted a new and updated kitchen. So we went out for bid and the two ’80s-looking-rock-star contractors who showed up won the jo… Read more

First, I am not a hunter. I do my best hunting in the back aisle of the ShopRite but for some strange reason my friend Steve convinced me to go turkey hunting for my Thanks… Read more

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“The new Hallmark Wish Book is out,” my wife said to me in a matter of fact tone of voice. “Already, it’s only July, aren’t they kind of rushing things?” I said surprisingl… Read more